Factors to consider when choosing a Drop T Lock

10 April 2019 hs sess

From DIY car or truck projects at home and transport businesses overseeing a fleet of mining, transport or defence vehicles to grey nomads travelling around Australia in a camper trailer or motor home, the Drop T Lock has become one of the most popular lock and handle systems for a range of transport applications.


The Drop T Lock is a trade quality stainless steel lock that sits flush when installed and has a T handle for easy use. It comes in a variety of configurations, finishes and technologies, with non-locking, key locking, key locking and padlocking and remote key locking options.

What are the benefits of Drop T Locks?

The key locking capabilities of Drop T Locks make it an efficient and reliable option for vehicle security. You can use it to lock up your toolbox, secure your camper or stop people from accessing your trade canopy. The design sits flush to the vehicle to reduce potential tampering as well as ensure your vehicle or toolbox remains water resistant. The Drop T Lock can be locked by key alone, or by key and padlock, and can also be fitted with rods to enhance security even further. There are also remote locking options available that allow the time saving ability of having the locking sequence incorporated into your vehicle’s locking system.

The folding T handle is one of the more popular handles for many industrial and camping uses as it sits flush to the vehicle but allows easy grip and movement of the lid, door, camper, tray or canopy.

Designed to be trade quality and made from a durable stainless-steel dish, zinc or stainless-steel plated tongue or black polyamide finish, the Drop T Lock is designed to withstand high-demand conditions, whether they be long trips in rugged terrain or frequent use.

What are Drop T Locks used for?

The Drop T Lock is popular in applications including trucks, motor homes, utes, tray backs, camper trailers and tool boxes. It is also commonly used for mining, transport, marine and defence vehicles.
Drop T Locks are also an ideal solution to assist with applying pressure to pinchweld rubber seals and foam tape thanks to the compression action of the lock, and are effective in securing loads.

Is the Drop T Lock difficult to install?

The Drop T Lock comes complete with a stainless steel dish and mounting holes, so there is no more work to be done but to simply secure it in place.

What to consider when purchasing a Drop T Lock?

There are a variety of Drop T Lock and handle options on the market that cater to different situations and requirements. When choosing the best option for you, consider:

  • What will the Drop T Lock be used for? There are a range of products available that best suit light and/or heavy duties. It’s a good idea to speak to a specialist to find out which solution would be best suited to your requirements.
  • What level of security do you require? Drop T Locks can be non-lockable, key lockable, padlock and key lockable and remote key lockable. Consider your use for the Drop T Lock before you purchase so you can satisfy your security needs.
  • What configuration and finish best suits your project? From left-hand and right-hand configured locks and stainless steel or black polyamide finishes, there are a variety of materials and configurations available to suit differing requirements.

For over 16 years, ovesco has serviced the transport hardware and fastener needs of clients involved in the manufacture and repair of vehicles and trades out on the road through to those working on car or truck projects at home.

To speak to a specialist about the best Drop T Lock option for you, please phone 1800 811 556.
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