Case Study: HE Silos

18 April 2019 HE-Silos-828x500

HE Silos is one of Australia’s biggest suppliers of commercial grain storage complexes. They are Australian made and owned, and work with farmers to supply silos for their individual needs. The silos are constructed from 4 tonnes up to 1000 tonnes, and products range from Kit Silos, Superphosphate Silos, 60 Degree Cone Silos, Field Bins, and Cattle or Sheep feeders.

ovesco have been working with HE Silos for many years to provide fasteners for the manufacturing of their products. We pride ourselves on our problem-solving skills for our B2B clients and always ensure that they are receiving the highest possible level of customer service.

Generally, HE Silos use HUCK products to construct the silo bins. At the time of order there was no stock available of the HUCK pins on the planet, which were to be used with HUCK collars. In lieu of the HUCK pins, ovesco ordered alternative pins for the customer which should have been able to be used safely and efficiently with HUCK collars.

ovesco received communication from HE Silos that sections of one silo bin had come apart and the foreman on site had spotted pins missing as the collars had fallen off. HE Silos found that when levered back the collars would pull off the pins allowing the brace to come unstuck.

How we helped
After receiving communication from HE Silos, two ovesco team members immediately travelled 4 hours from our showroom in Mayfield West to the HE Silos office in Gunnedah.

The ovesco team members came equipped with HUCK guns and a new nose assembly kit to test the quality of the pins and collars and identify where the fault lay. After multiple test installs of different combinations between HUCK and alternative pins and collars, it was found that the alternative pin was the issue. ovesco eliminated the possibility of a tooling issue by testing the customers tooling compared to ovesco’s and found that these were in good working order.

As a matter of urgency, ovesco had all alternative pins returned to the showroom in Mayfield West and immediately discussed the pin failure with contacts at the suppliers. We offered a solution to HE Silos which meant using HUCK Magna Bulb’s externally to secure the silos. Effectively this meant that the client no longer had to climb inside the silos when manufacturing the products on site and eliminated any issues they were facing.

The ovesco team members left HE Silos with over 200 HUCK Magna Bulb’s to utilise in their manufacturing process immediately.

By supplying the client with exceptional customer service, ovesco were able to offer a quick and easy solution to their problem. The client was very appreciative of the effort and measures that  ovesco went to in visiting them in Gunnedah which resulted in a permanent fix. The client was also interested in utilising the HUCK Magna Bulb for future applications and will also regularly review their tool servicing as requested by ovesco.

Contacts of the alternative pin were notified of the pin failure and were happy to have all stock returned to them immediately. They were also sent the failed pins and were analysing and testing the problem as this was not a usual occurrence for these products.

ovesco were able to reach a solution for their client and went above and beyond in the process to do so …“It is what we do!”.

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